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Avance Installation & Configuration

Note: Installing Avance software erases all hard drives.

  1. Create an Avance DVD. See Burning an Avance DVD.
  2. Connect a monitor and keyboard to the first physical machine (PM).
  3. Power on one PM. (Leave the second PM off.)
  4. Insert the Avance DVD and boot the PM.
  5. Start Install of the product
    1. Enter BIOS Boot Device Menu, press  F6.
    2. In the Boot Device Menu, select Boot from Optical Drive. Press Enter.
    3. Wait for the 1st Avance install screen; you will have 30 seconds to press any key to initiate install process.
    4. Select Install Avance and Press Enter.
  6. After 1-3 minutes you will be prompted to select “Quick Connect” or “Enter IP address information manually”
  7. Avance will prompt you to connect to the Avance Management Portal via the specified IP address.
  8. Follow the on screen directions to complete the configuration and installation process.
  9. After completing the install process you should also consider configuring the following:
    1. Go to Library > Users & Groups to add administrators and remove the default admin account.
    2. Domain authentication, select Preferences > Active Directory
    3. UPS Monitoring,select Preferences > UPS
    4. Unit Owner Information, select Preferences > Owner Information
  10. Select Dashboard, resolve any outstanding alerts. Note: PM node 1 may still be in the process of imaging or syncing. This normally completes within 10-20 minutes after step 9.
  11. On the Physical Machines page, when Node 1 shows running (in Maintenance), select Node 1 and click Finalize.
  12. When both PMs have a next to their name, they are fully in sync, redundant.
  13. Install additional business network cables. See Connecting Additional Business Links.

Congratulations! Avance is fully installed and you can begin creating, importing, and managing virtual machines. Click Virtual Machines in the Avance Management Console, and see the online help for details. See the Avance Management Console online help and the Avance User’s Guide for information on provisioning Virtual Machine resources.