Burning an Avance DVD

Last Modified: 03/5/2015 at 14:46 | Release:
    • Go to the Stratus Downloads page.
    • Click the needed Avance software ISO image to download it.
    • LinuxDownload the md5sum file
    • When prompted for each download, click Save. Select a save location.
    • Verify the DVD – Windows
      1. Download the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV). The executable and instructions for install can be found on the Microsoft Support Website. Install the tool in the directory with the downloaded ISO file.
      2. Right click on the FCIV file for the image from the Stratus Download page and save it in the directory with the ISO and FCIV executable
      3. Open a command window in Windows and cd to the directory containing the ISO and FCIV executable.
      4. Check the ISO by typing
        fciv.exe -v -xml avance_r4.0.0.8_58272.xml
      5. Pass: Continue burning the DVD
      6. Fail: Repeat the download
  • Verify the DVD – Linux
    1. Download the md5 file associated with the ISO from the Stratus Downloads page. For example avance_r4.0.0.8_58272.md5
    2. Download http://mirror.centos.org/centos/dostools/md5sum.exe to the directory containing the Avance ISO.
    3. Go to the directory containing the md5sum.exe, ISO, and md5.txt files.
    4. Check the ISO by typing
      md5sum.exe --c avance_r4.0.0.8_58272.md
    5. Pass: Continue burning the DVD.
    6. Fail: Repeat the download.