Generating PDF Documents

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The Avance documentation site  has been optimized for online viewing from your browser,  and google indexing.    Hard copies can be printed directly from your browser.  Hard copies, for offline viewing can also be generated from your browsers print menu by selecting “save as a file”.   Chrome has a built in support to preview the selected document and “save as PDF”.   Both FireFox and IE9 support printing to files as well, although they generate postscript format and cannot be viewed in with Adobe Aacrobat.  There are several shareware tools for viewing postscript files that could be used in place of Acrobat.   An alternative is to PDF generation utlity.   There are several good shareware tools that can be downloaded at no cost.   One such tool that has been tested across all supported Avance Browsers can be downloaded from:

After downloading and installing the doPDF utility it appears as a printer option when selecting print from your Browser.